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    About us

    About us Otaku- taco Aussie business

    About us Otaku- taco Aussie business

    Hey there! 

    Otaku-Taco is the brainchild of a small family but one with big aspirations. Drawing our inspiration from Japanese pop-culture and our mixed family background, Otaku-Taco started as a single 'cube' store in the MyCube franchise. It grew to occupy multiple cubes, in multiple stores, to then move to become a regular exhibitor in Australia’s convention circuit. 

    From Comic-Con, Supanova, Smash and the Madman Anime Fest, we have thoroughly enjoyed growing our business and meeting a diverse and incredible range of people. As such, our product is and will always be, as equally diverse, weird and awesome as everyone out there! 

    Pusheen, Gudetama and our range of clothing, are some of the big names we stock online and at our convention booths. Alongside the tried and tested, we bring our own flavour of fun with a growing range of edgy T-shirts and Japanese schoolgirl-style skirts. To top it all off, we're a proud exhibitor of heckin' cute and Kawaii cosplay accessories. 

    So start browsing, subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned in our News section for our next big convention!

    We'll see you there...